Employment Law

We help businesses navigate California’s complex and overwhelming employment law landscape by developing effective processes and procedures before issues arise to avoid costly lawsuits. Our lawyers provide advice to employers on areas such as hiring practices, discipline, termination, family leave, exemption status, compensation, and trade secret and unfair competition issues. Our firm also assists our clients respond to harassment, discrimination, retaliation, or wage and hour complaints. We offer our clients a variety of services to keep informed of developments in the law, including seminars and training programs.

Merhab Robinson & Clarkson performs employment documents audits to ensure your company is in compliance with state and federal laws and will review all employment documentation such as applications, at-will agreements, employment agreements, commission agreements, orientation checklists, evaluation forms, disciplinary forms and termination forms. The firm specializes in performing confidential on-site employment documents audit for a flat fee (i.e., a sum certain irrespective of the hours of service). The audit includes a review of all employment documentation, such as applications, evaluation forms, exit-interview forms and the like. The employment audit also includes the preparation of recommended employment documents and an Employee Handbook tailored to the needs of the employer and complying with all federal and state statutory requirements.

For a quote on the flat rate price for an employment documents audit for your company, please send an e-mail to Lorraine Harden-O’Brien at Lorraine@mrjclaw.com and include the number of employees of your company. We strongly recommend that Employee Handbooks and employment agreements and other related employment documents be reviewed annually to keep pace with changes in the law.

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Merhab Robinson & Clarkson provides seminars and training programs focused on educating business owners and managers on recent legal developments and best practices.

  • Hiring and Interviewing: This presentation will explain the legal and practical issues involved in the hiring process in order to ensure effective and legal hiring procedures. We will discuss how to avoid discrimination claims by asking the right questions and identifying the questions to avoid.
  • Preparing for a Performance Evaluation: This course equips managers with the skills to conduct a successful performance evaluation. We discuss the difference between objective versus subjective terms in an evaluation. Participants will learn how to prepare for appraisals, handle different types of employees and plan for continuous performance improvement after the evaluation.
  • Effective Discipline: Discussing poor performance can be difficult for managers. This program gives your managers the tools they need to discipline their employees. We will focus on increasing the communication between managers and their employees by explaining how to provide negative feedback. We will identify conflict avoidance behaviors and discuss how to document performance and conduct issues.
  • Social Media in the Workplace. E-mail, Facebook and blogging, technology policies you need now. This program covers employer monitoring of use of social media at work, benefits and risks involved in employer-sanctioned use of social media; to what extent employers are liable for social media activities of their employees, the protection of company information and how and when should companies create social media policies.
  • Sexual Harassment Avoidance Training. We offer the two hour mandatory training for companies over 50 employees and a one hour training of supervisors and managers for companies under 50 employees. This program offers a discussion of the prevailing law, recognition of improper behavior, severe versus pervasive behavior, role playing illustrations of improper behavior and explains the employer’s responsibilities.