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Business Law and Entity Formation

Merhab Robinson & Clarkson features an experienced staff of attorneys fully equipped to advise you with all your business law, transactional law, and business entity formation needs.

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Employment Law

Whether your organization is creating an Employee Handbook or preparing to terminate an ineffective employee, it is essential to have the ongoing input of qualified attorneys. Merhab Robinson & Clarkson offers clients’ counsel from attorneys with expertise in employment law.

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Estate Planning and Probate

Planning for incapacity and the transition of your assets after your death is an important process. Our firm counsels you on the many different aspects of your plan (health decisions, tax planning, beneficiary designations) so that your plan is designed and implemented to avoid probate, dissention among your family, unnecessary taxes, and court involvement. If a loved one did not plan, our firm will assist you with the conservatorship and probate process to minimize the process.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

It is essential to enlist attorneys that not only have strong legal backgrounds but who have in-depth business experience as well. When dealing in this highly complex area Merhab Robinson  & Clarkson operates with respect for clients’ time – no matter how big or small your organization is, you will receive superior case management.

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Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling it is imperative to have the input of a highly qualified attorney at your side. As you enter into a real estate transaction – ensure that you know exactly what your rights and responsibilities are by enlisting the counsel of Merhab Robinson & Clarkson.

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